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Refugee Ministries

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Mission: To support the efforts being made to alleviate the refugee crisis in the world, the Refugee Committee will partner with Lutheran Community Services and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.


The ministry was established to respond with compassion to the more than 60 million people who have found themselves displaced by persecution, violence, and disasters around the world. We support the efforts being made to alleviate the refugee crisis through education, advocacy, and action. We have partnered with Lutheran Community Services to support their efforts to resettle refugees and will work to welcome refugee families into our community.


On January 31st, HSLC made an overwhelming vote of affirmation to

  • Support the efforts being made to alleviate the refugee crisis in the world
  • Establish a subcommittee of the Social Justice Committee called the Refugee Committee
  • Engage with Lutheran Community Services as a partner agency

We have met regularly since that date to learn, plan, and welcome our first refugee family. Here are some of the highlights of the last year:

2/16/16 Refugee Committee begins to meet
4/14/16 Restart Kit Drive involving many churches from the community
5/8/16 John Forseth of Lutheran Community Services speaks at all services
6/14/16 Morgan Christianson, LCSNW Housing Coordinator speaks with Refugee Committee
6/28/16 Screening of movie "Salam Neighbor"
8/26/16 Welcomed Iman Center and Pacific Institute Dinner at HSLC
9/8/16 HSLC welcomes our first refugee family from Iraq. The Claypools, a generous, loving, and helpful family from our church has provided them with temporary accommodations.
11/30/16 Wasan and Jafar are scheduled to move into their own apartment in Kirkland where Jafar will continue at Mark Twain Elementary and Wsan will continue ESL studies at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.


Information about the Refugee Crisis

As Toan Ong shared on October 2nd, "[a] refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. According to the United Nations' Refugee Agency, there are more than 34 thousand people forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution, and become refugees every day. Currently, there are over 65 million refugees worldwide."

Further, there are over 4.2 million Syrians displaced throughout the region, making them the world's largest refugee population under the UN mandates.

More information can be found at the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services website, the Lutheran Community Services Northwest site, and the United Nations High Commission on Refugees.

Particularly interesting and helpful is the LCSNW PowerPoint including the 90 day core service timeline available here.


Resources to learn more about refugeesimageedit_4_4794894937.png



National and International


  • See a list of 12 amazing books for children here
  • See a list of books the Social Justice Committee's Global Ministry Team recommends here


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