You’ll find that Lutheran worship is often very similar to Catholic mass. The Lutheran church is part of the “liturgical tradition.”

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8:00, 9:30, 11:00am

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church is located on the corner of 100th Ave and 124th Street.

For Your Kids

Rainbow Kids (Preschool) available during 9:30am service

K - 5 available during the 9:30am and 11am services

Time 4 Tweens (6th Grade) available during 9:30am service

Breakfast Club (Jr & Sr High) available during 11am service

Advent and Christmas


This is Advent,

the solitary chewing

on the night,

the restive waiting with

the midnight taste

of half-said prayers and memories.

This, this is Advent too,

not just starlit scenes

in Christmas cards

and the soft story

dispensing traditional comfort.

This is Advent – the

red-eyed wondering

about the meaning

of it all.

 (from An Improbable Gift of Blessing by Maren Tirabassi and Joan Jordan Grant)


Advent is meant to be an interruption. There is plenty to keep us busy in this season – more than enough, actually – but Advent arrives in the middle of it to interrupt us with hope, with silence, with questions and light. Advent reminds us that we are more than the lists, the gifts, the carols, the parties, and the meals – that God’s arrival in the world is not about cozy comfort, but blinding light and a transformative word.


In the church, Advent is a season to practice a skill we need every day: patience in waiting for God’s call, God’s action, and God’s presence. Listening for this and paying attention to it is hard every day, but perhaps even harder when there is so much to distract us as we prepare for Christmas. In the northern hemisphere,  Advent coincides with growing darkness each day and plants a light firmly in the middle, calling us to turn toward that which nourishes, makes for peace and justice, and gives hope to the world.


At Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, we gather during Advent with a liturgy that sings of light in the midst of darkness. We light candles against the night, to light enough of the way for one more step. On the longest night of the year – December 21st – we worship together both to name the hard grief that is present for so many people in the holiday season, and to claim God’s promise that even death itself is not the end. At our Advent Giving Fair, we encourage generous sharing of resources to help those in need and free us from thinking our money can protect us or save us. And finally, as Christmas begins, we proclaim the good news again: that God comes in flesh and bone to be with us, for us, always.


Our Advent Family Calendar offers ways for all households to observe Advent practices at home.


Advent Worship and Events:
  • Advent Celebration: December 3rd 3:00 -4:00 pm The whole family is invited to this opportunity to learn about advent candles, decorate a Yule log, and take one home with you! Stay for the Sounds@Spirit Concert featuring Lorica at 4:00 pm
  • First Sunday in Advent: December 3rd
  • Second Sunday in Advent: December 10th
  • Alternative Giving Fair: December 10th
  • Third Sunday in Advent: December 17th
  • Longest Night Service: December 21st 7:00pm
  • Fourth Sunday in Advent: December 24th--One morning worship service: 10:00am
  • Christmas Eve Worship: 5:00pm (Family Worship), 7:00pm, 9:00pm, 11:00pm
  • Christmas Day Worship: 10:00am